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Rollover accidents are when vehicles turn on their sides or flip completely over. Cars might roll over if the driver loses control or if the vehicle “trips” on something in the road, such as a pothole. Rollovers can also happen when one vehicle collides with another, making it turn over. As the victim of a rollover, you might have injuries such as broken bones, crush injuries, amputations, head and brain injuries, or spinal cord fractures. After a devastating rollover, come to the team at DeWitt Algorri + Algorri, PC to talk about your case.

Contributing Factors in Rollover Accidents

Securing a settlement or jury verdict for a rollover crash starts with identifying what caused the vehicle to turn over. Learning the cause of the rollover can lead to assigning liability for the incident. For example, discovering that a defect in your vehicle’s design makes it unreasonably prone to rolling over may give you the chance to file a product liability claim against the manufacturer. Common contributing factors in rollover accidents include:

  • Vehicle type. Certain vehicles are more prone to turn over than others. Vehicles such as SUVs and vans are taller and narrower, with higher centers of gravity. This puts them at higher risk of turning over during certain roadway maneuvers.
  • Speeding. Rollovers can occur when a car is traveling too fast downhill or around a corner. Taking a curve too fast can easily tip a vehicle over. Fatal rollover accidents relate to speed more often than fatal non-rollover crashes.
  • Rural roads. Driving on Southern California’s rural roads runs more of a risk of rollovers than other locations. This is because rural roads tend to not have barriers dividing the lanes, increasing the chances of fatal rollovers.
  • Driver distraction or inattention. Since loss of vehicle control typically leads to rollovers, driver distraction or inattention is a common contributing factor. If a driver isn’t paying attention to the road, he or she is more likely to overcorrect the vehicle, jerk the wheel, and roll the vehicle over.
  • Roadway defects. A “tripped” single-vehicle rollover happens when a vehicle slides sideways, strikes soft soil or an object on the side of the road, and rolls over. Road defects such as potholes can cause a vehicle to trip and rollover.

Our team of lawyers can investigate your rollover and help you identify the proximate cause. From there, we can assign fault with one or more defendants and file the necessary paperwork to begin a claim. You may be eligible for recovery from another driver, product manufacturer, or the City of Riverside/San Bernardino for roadway defects. We can help you with every step of your claim, from discussions with an insurance company to the final settlement or verdict.

Your Trusted Rollover Accident Lawyers

If you find yourself injured after a rollover accident in Riverside or San Bernardino, you need help from local lawyers with experience handling all types of vehicle crashes. Founded in 1979, DeWitt Algorri + Algorri, PC has what it takes to complete a car accident claim from beginning to end. We want to investigate your crash and help you start the process toward the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Call (855) 946-6464 or contact us online for a free consult.

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