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Southern California’s cities are dangerous for motorcycle riders. Crowded highways and impatient drivers pose threats to vulnerable motorcyclists in Riverside and San Bernardino. Distracted, negligent, and intoxicated drivers all put motorcyclists at risk. Even defects like potholes and loose gravel can cause serious single-motorcycle accidents. If you’re an injured motorcyclist or the loved one of someone who passed away in a motorcycle crash, come to DeWitt Algorri + Algorri, PC to discuss the possibility of financial compensation.

What a Personal Injury Claim Could Do for You

California’s civil justice system provides injured vehicle accident victims with a potential means of recovery. Filing a personal injury claim against another driver, product manufacturer, city government, property owner, a business, and/or another party is your right as the victim of a negligence-related accident. A successful claim could result in compensation for damages such as:

  • Medical bills. All medical costs associated with the crash, including ambulance fees, hospital stays, tests, surgeries, treatments, medications, live-in care, therapies, and long-term medical assistance.
  • Lost wages and lost earning capacity. If an injury forces a motorcyclist to miss shifts at work, he or she can receive compensation for these lost wages. This damage also includes a plaintiff’s lost capacity to earn, if the injuries are debilitating.
  • Property damage. If you totaled your expensive motorcycle in a California crash, you may be eligible for the full amount to replace or repair your bike, helmet, and other equipment that sustained damage.
  • Pain and suffering. There are several non-economic losses you might suffer in an accident, including physical pain and suffering. A great team of attorneys can help maximize these awards by showing the jury evidence of your severe injuries and the impact they have on your life.

Most vehicle accident claims achieve settlements without having to go to court, but, if you do end up in trial, the experienced lawyers at DeWitt Algorri + Algorri, PC can carry your case through to the end with aggressive litigation. From the moment you realize another party might be at fault for your motorcycle crash, give us a call to discuss your options.

Why Injured Motorcyclists Need Attorneys

It is an unfortunate reality that courtrooms and judges are often prejudiced against motorcyclists in personal injury and property damage claims. There is a stigma surrounding motorcyclists that they are reckless or dangerous drivers. It is a good idea to retain an attorney to help you protect your rights if you know you aren’t 100% at fault for your recent accident. A lawyer can speak to insurance companies, judges, and juries on your behalf in a language they understand. The team at DeWitt Algorri + Algorri, PC won’t stop until they believe they’ve done everything they can to secure injured motorcyclists fair compensation.

If a negligent driver, road hazard, defective motorcycle part, or other party contributed to your accident in California, talk to someone who can inform you of your legal rights and opportunities. Our firm understands all of California’s motorcycle laws, as well as all pertinent legal concepts surrounding most vehicle crashes. We want to hear about your accident, and help you take the right next step. Call us at (855) 946-6464 to make an appointment for a free consultation at our nearby office location.

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