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After a car crash, your insurance company is supposed to have your back. For years, you’ve paid to maintain your policy and held seamless coverage. Now you need your insurer to cover the costs of your medical expenses and property damage after a harmful collision. Just when you need insurance the most, you learn that your insurer has denied your claim. Now what? Call the bad faith insurance attorneys at DeWitt Algorri + Algorri, PC for a consultation.

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

“Insurance bad faith” describes a civil claim an insured person can make against an insurance company for a breach of duty or unfair dealing. All insurance companies owe duties of good faith to their paying policyholders. This duty automatically exists when the insured signs the insurance contract. Violating the terms of this contract may give the policyholder grounds to sue the insurance company for “bad faith.” One might have an insurance bad faith claim if:

  • The insurer unreasonably refuses to pay your claim.
  • You receive a claim denial without an explanation.
  • The company refuses to properly protect you from others’ claims.
  • The insurer fails to conduct a proper accident investigation.
  • The insurer unreasonably delays your claim approval.

If you’re struggling to get a reasonable or helpful answer from your insurer after a car accident or other personal injury event, talk to our bad faith lawyers in Riverside or San Bernardino. You may have grounds to file a claim against the insurer for its acts of bad faith to receive the compensation your original claim requested as well as additional awards for the trouble the insurance company caused you.

Do You Have a Bad Faith Claim?

Any action or failure to act an insurance company takes, that goes outside of the accepted practices in the industry, may be bad faith. If you don’t know what to make of your recent communications with an insurance company, seek help through a free case evaluation at DeWitt Algorri + Algorri, PC. We know how to handle insurance companies that aren’t fulfilling their promises to policyholders. Our team has gone up against major insurance corporations in pursuit of fair and just settlements and verdicts.

Insurance bad faith claims are about more than just money – we’re fighting for your future. An unreasonably denied claim could mean paying for your medical bills, property damage, and lost wages out of pocket. Most accident victims do not have tens of thousands of dollars lying around to meet these costs. Instead, they rely on insurance companies to bear the brunt of the costs for them as promised in policies. If your recent insurance claim fell short of expectations, connect with one of our lawyers to explore the possibility of bad faith.

We wish insurance companies would always look out for the best interests of policyholders and pay valid claims. Unfortunately, most insurance companies have one priority, and it’s not client satisfaction – it’s the bottom line. Insurance companies are concerned about staying profitable, not about the futures of its policyholders. Delaying, denying, and undervaluing claims are methods insurance companies use to stay in business. You need an experienced Southern California insurance bad faith lawyer to have a fighting chance against a bad faith insurance company. Start with a free consultation at DeWitt Algorri + Algorri, PC. Call (855) 946-6464 to schedule yours.

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