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Southern California emergency rooms are often bustling, hectic places. They are environments prone to error despite protocols to help optimize patient outcomes. ER employees are under a great deal of pressure to intake and process patients, make fast and accurate diagnoses, order the right tests, and move onto the next patient.

Any misstep along the way could be disastrous for the patient in need of emergency medical attention. At DeWitt Algorri + Algorri, PC, we help patients who are now dealing with injuries, health problems, complications, or a loved one’s death because of emergency room negligence in Riverside and San Bernardino. If you think you have grounds for a case, request a free consultation to find out.

Types of ER Negligence

The law does not require emergency room staff members to diagnose and treat every single patient correctly every time. It simply asks that physicians and nurses practice due care in treating patients, abiding by industry rules and standards. It is a breach of this duty that constitutes professional negligence, or medical malpractice, in the emergency room. ER staff members have to follow certain protocols to make sure they provide the best possible care to patients. The following mistakes and oversights might result in a lawsuit if the patient suffers harms:

  • Patient neglect
  • Wrongful treatment
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Medication administration mistakes
  • Lack of informed consent to provide care
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Misreading test results
  • Failing to sanitize tools
  • Hazardous elements on the premises
  • Equipment malfunctions

Any number of things could go wrong for a patient in the ER. The difference between a mistake and negligence is the actions of the party allegedly responsible for patient harm. It often takes a team of lawyers to investigate the case, determine the cause of patient harm, and assign liability for acts of negligence. For these processes, you need attorneys you can trust and feel confident in retaining. DeWitt Algorri + Algorri, PC comes highly recommended from other lawyers, judges, and our prior clients. We have experience filing claims against major hospitals, insurance companies, and established physicians in the area.

What to Do if You Suspect ER Negligence

After a bad experience at an emergency room, contact our team as soon as you can. Medical malpractice claims are complex, especially when they deal with chaotic ER environments. It is often essential to get counsel from an established lawyer in your region, to gain an accurate understanding of the local laws that may apply. The State of California gives injured parties three years from the date the injury occurred or one year from the discovery of the injury (whichever comes first) to file medical malpractice claims. Putting your claim off could eventually bar you from recovery.

Your health is our top priority. Seek medical attention from a doctor or facility you trust after ER negligence caused you harm. Keep all medical records and documents relating to your injuries. Write down the names of anyone who witnessed the alleged act of negligence in the emergency room. The more information you gather about your claim, the better. Once you’re in a position to call a lawyer, call us at (855) 946-6464.

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