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Daycare centers should be places where children learn, play, and flourish. Children should never be in danger of unreasonable risks of harm, such as abusive staff members or severe burn injuries from unsafe bottle-warming techniques. Yet every year, dozens of parents receive the dreaded phone call – their children have had accidents at daycare and need emergency medical attention. If you’re one such parent in Riverside or San Bernardino, come to DeWitt Algorri + Algorri, PC for legal counsel. 

Daycare Liability for Child Injuries

Many parents assume they cannot sue a daycare because of the waiver they signed when they registered their children. This is not always the case. Consent waivers only protect daycare centers from liability for accidents for which they did not play a part. In other words, if a daycare fulfills its duties of care but a child gets hurt during playtime, the waiver probably protects the center from liability for injuries. The waiver would not, however, protect the daycare center from a negligence claim.

Waivers cannot bar daycare centers from lawsuits completely. If this were the case, daycares could do anything they wanted to children without consequence. Even with consent forms, a daycare center could face liability if it was responsible for the accident in some shape or form. If the facility or one of its staff members was negligent in some way that caused the accident, parents can most likely sue for compensation. Examples of situations that could lead to daycare liability include:

  • Playground injuries from lack of staff member supervision.
  • Poorly maintained playground equipment.
  • Loose or falling objects in the daycare striking children and causing injuries.
  • Children slipping and falling down stairwells.
  • Accidental drowning in a body of water on or near the property.
  • Children wandering out of the daycare center and into the road.
  • Burns from bottle warmers or bottles that are too hot.
  • Staff members abusing or neglecting children. 

Any circumstance in which someone else’s negligence caused your child’s injuries during daycare may be grounds for a lawsuit. A consultation with us can help you understand what happened to your child, and whether you can hold the daycare accountable. We’ll investigate your child’s injuries, assess what you know about the situation, and tell you if we think your case has merit as a personal injury claim in California. We make it our job to get to the bottom of serious childhood injuries.

Daycare Injuries and Child Abuse

Sadly, some daycare accidents aren’t accidents at all. They’re acts of violence staff members make against innocent children. Although daycare abuse cases are rare in California, they have occurred. Signs of abuse-related injuries in children include odd bruising, burns, bone fractures, head injuries, abdominal injuries, and dislocated limbs. As soon as you suspect child abuse at your daycare, call the police and report your suspicions. Then, call (855) 946-6464 to talk with someone at our firm about a potential civil claim for child abuse. We can help you secure compensation while the police pursue criminal charges, if applicable.

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