Can You Sue for Hazing Injuries?

In many colleges and high schools throughout the United States, hazing has become a serious issue leading to severe injuries and even some fatalities. “Hazing” is another term for initiating a pledge or applicant into a club or group. One of the most common examples is joining a fraternity; for years, Americans knew the trope of suffering through bullying and hazing being a requirement for joining a fraternity. Today, many states have enacted laws banning the practice and cracking down on schools and universities that allow hazing to persist.

Dangers of Hazing

Hazing happens in many degrees, and some of it may be completely harmless. Many fraternities, sports teams, and other clubs want to see that applicants and pledges are truly dedicated to the groups they wish to join. Some types of initiation may include fun challenges like obstacle courses or scavenger hunts, and some college groups [...]

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Can You Sue for a Car Accident Caused by Road Bumps?

A bump in the road may sound like a relatively innocuous hazard, but in reality a bumpy road has the potential to cause a life-altering accident for anyone unfortunate enough to experience such an event. When a damaged or unsafe roadway causes a car accident, the first thing an injured victim needs to determine is which party is responsible for the road. Local roads and residential streets typically fall under the jurisdiction of the local government while state routes fall under the jurisdiction of the state government. Interstate highways are the federal government’s responsibility, and the states use federal tax dollars to maintain interstate roads.

Act Quickly After a Bump Accident

The party that owns and controls the road where a bump accident happens determines the victim’s legal options. In any case, taking legal action against any government entity is very different than pursuing a civil action [...]

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How to Preserve Evidence for Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

One of the most crucial components of any personal injury lawsuit is the plaintiff’s evidence. It’s crucial for any plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit to have sufficient evidence to not only prove the extent of his or her claimed damages, but also enough to show that those damages were the direct results of a defendant’s negligence. After sustaining injuries in an accident that occurred due to another party’s negligence, the injured party should consult with a personal injury attorney and start building a case. Once you start compiling the evidence you need for your claim, your attorney will help you preserve this evidence.

Preserving Evidence From the Scene of an Accident

For a case involving a car accident or other incident in which the crime scene will not remain intact for long, photographic evidence is crucial. Take photos after any type of accident if you are [...]

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Can Contractors File Workplace Injury Claims?

Contract-based employment has grown increasingly popular in the United States with many people opting for self-employment rather than more traditional hiring-based employment with larger companies. Independent contractors generally have more flexibility and control over their work, but this comes at a cost. The law does not equally protect employees and independent contractors concerning workers’ compensation for workplace injuries. While most American employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance policies in the event of employee workplace injuries, they do not have to cover independent contractors.

Depending on the type of work an independent contractor does, workers’ compensation may not seem like much of a concern. Some independent contractors who perform dangerous or highly specialized work take on a high level of risk and must pay for their own health insurance in lieu of relying on employer-provided plans. However, while independent contractors cannot rely on workers’ compensation, they may [...]

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Can Improperly Designed Handrails and Guardrails Cause Injury?

Handrails and guardrails help lead people safely in locations that would otherwise present unreasonable risks of injuries. Handrails on staircases guide people up and down, providing a safe place to hold to decrease the risk of slip, trip, and fall accidents. Guardrails make roadways safer by keeping vehicles on the roadway instead of in ditches if a crash occurs. Unfortunately, not all handrails and guardrails are effective. Improper designs can make rails fail to do their jobs. The worst-designed rails can even contribute to serious injuries and deaths.

Handrails and Fall Accidents

Falls are some of the most common – and most injurious – personal injury accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in five falls causes serious injuries such as bone fractures or head and brain injuries. Every year, three million people ages 65 and older seek emergency help for fall [...]

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How Tune-Ups Can Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

In 2016, 548 motorcyclists in California died in vehicle accidents. This was an 11% increase from 2015. Thousands of other motorcyclists suffered serious injuries and are now living with permanent scars and disabilities. Although many things cause motorcycle accidents in Riverside, one of the most common is vehicle failures. Part breakdowns on the road can lead to loss of control of the motorcycle and wrecks. Staying current with motorcycle tune-ups could prevent an accident and save lives.

Motorcycle vs. Motor Vehicle Maintenance

Maintenance is important no matter what type of vehicle you own and drive. However, the vulnerability of motorcyclists in roadway accidents makes it ultra-important to keep up with maintenance as a motorcycle owner. The same technical problem on a car vs. a motorcycle could barely affect the former, but cause a serious accident to the latter. A tire blowout, for example, could lead to a [...]

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Safety Tips for New Teenage Drivers

Teenagers are the most at-risk age group for car accidents. Consequently, they also have some of the highest auto insurance premium rates. The combination of still-developing driving skills and poor judgement can create dangerous situations for teenagers behind the wheel.

While safe driving can help reduce the cost of your teen’s insurance bills, it’s important to teach good driving habits to keep teenagers safe while on the roads. Not only will best practices take away some of parents’ anxiety while trusting kids with the car, it will also promote better driving in the years to come.

To help new teenage drivers stay safe, follow these tips:

Always Wear a Seatbelt

Not wearing a seatbelt is against the law. Even so, teenagers are the least likely to wear seatbelts, both as drivers and passengers. Some teens may not feel they need seat belts, while others might think they are potentially [...]

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Is It Dangerous to Wear Headphones While Running Outside?

Music can be a great motivator for any workout. Often, the right playlist can do a lot to keep your blood pumping and set the tempo for a jog. Runners especially tend to use music and even audiobooks and podcasts to keep them company through their routines.

However, wearing headphones can bring a lot of risks for outside runners. Doctors have been noticing an increased number of athletes in accidents while wearing headphones.

The Risks of Headphones While Outdoors

Even going for a walk requires a lot of attention if you’re going to be around roadways. You need to worry about other pedestrians, what drivers on the road are doing, plus pay attention to anything else in your immediate surroundings. Crossing the street can become a dangerous experience because, even if you’re obeying traffic signals, there’s no guarantee that everyone on the road is doing the same.

As children, [...]

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What Happens When an Excluded Driver Is Involved in a Car Accident?

The process of filing an insurance claim following a car accident can be confusing. This time can be even more stressful when a driver gets a claim denial because the accident involved an excluded driver. What does this mean, and what are a driver’s legal options for compensation following a car accident? Learn how to proceed with a claim denial following an accident with an excluded driver.

What Is an Excluded Driver?

As the name implies, an excluded driver is someone that a policyholder intentionally leaves off an insurance policy. When an excluded person uses a driver’s car, either with or without permission, the insurance company will not provide coverage in the event of an accident.

Drivers typically exclude a driver to save money. For example, a teenager who racks up speeding tickets or a brother who has a DUI could lead to expensive insurance premiums. As a [...]

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What Is Foreseeability and How Does It Apply to Personal Injury Cases?

Several elements play roles in personal injury cases – legal concepts, such as duty, negligence, causation, and harm all help determine whether a plaintiff is eligible for compensation for his or her injuries, pain, and suffering. Another important aspect that applies to some personal injury cases is the concept of foreseeability. What does this concept mean, and how might it affect a personal injury claim?

What Is “Foreseeability?”

A personal injury attorney my use the concept foreseeability, a legal term, to determine a cause of an accident and hence the liability a person may carry for an act of negligence that gave rise to injury. When determining whether negligence occurred, an attorney may employ the foreseeability test, which essentially asks if a reasonable person would have foreseen the potential consequences of his or her actions.

Foreseeability can apply to any number of personal injury cases, from product liability [...]

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