Can You Sue for Hazing Injuries?

In many colleges and high schools throughout the United States, hazing has become a serious issue leading to severe injuries and even some fatalities. “Hazing” is another term for initiating a pledge or applicant into a club or group. One of the most common examples is joining a fraternity; for years, Americans knew the trope of suffering through bullying and hazing being a requirement for joining a fraternity. Today, many states have enacted laws banning the practice and cracking down on schools and universities that allow hazing to persist.

Dangers of Hazing

Hazing happens in many degrees, and some of it may be completely harmless. Many fraternities, sports teams, and other clubs want to see that applicants and pledges are truly dedicated to the groups they wish to join. Some types of initiation may include fun challenges like obstacle courses or scavenger hunts, and some college groups [...]

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Can You Sue for a Car Accident Caused by Road Bumps?

A bump in the road may sound like a relatively innocuous hazard, but in reality a bumpy road has the potential to cause a life-altering accident for anyone unfortunate enough to experience such an event. When a damaged or unsafe roadway causes a car accident, the first thing an injured victim needs to determine is which party is responsible for the road. Local roads and residential streets typically fall under the jurisdiction of the local government while state routes fall under the jurisdiction of the state government. Interstate highways are the federal government’s responsibility, and the states use federal tax dollars to maintain interstate roads.

Act Quickly After a Bump Accident

The party that owns and controls the road where a bump accident happens determines the victim’s legal options. In any case, taking legal action against any government entity is very different than pursuing a civil action [...]

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