How to Preserve Evidence for Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

One of the most crucial components of any personal injury lawsuit is the plaintiff’s evidence. It’s crucial for any plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit to have sufficient evidence to not only prove the extent of his or her claimed damages, but also enough to show that those damages were the direct results of a defendant’s negligence. After sustaining injuries in an accident that occurred due to another party’s negligence, the injured party should consult with a personal injury attorney and start building a case. Once you start compiling the evidence you need for your claim, your attorney will help you preserve this evidence.

Preserving Evidence From the Scene of an Accident

For a case involving a car accident or other incident in which the crime scene will not remain intact for long, photographic evidence is crucial. Take photos after any type of accident if you are [...]

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Can Contractors File Workplace Injury Claims?

Contract-based employment has grown increasingly popular in the United States with many people opting for self-employment rather than more traditional hiring-based employment with larger companies. Independent contractors generally have more flexibility and control over their work, but this comes at a cost. The law does not equally protect employees and independent contractors concerning workers’ compensation for workplace injuries. While most American employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance policies in the event of employee workplace injuries, they do not have to cover independent contractors.

Depending on the type of work an independent contractor does, workers’ compensation may not seem like much of a concern. Some independent contractors who perform dangerous or highly specialized work take on a high level of risk and must pay for their own health insurance in lieu of relying on employer-provided plans. However, while independent contractors cannot rely on workers’ compensation, they may [...]

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