What Happens When an Excluded Driver Is Involved in a Car Accident?

The process of filing an insurance claim following a car accident can be confusing. This time can be even more stressful when a driver gets a claim denial because the accident involved an excluded driver. What does this mean, and what are a driver’s legal options for compensation following a car accident? Learn how to proceed with a claim denial following an accident with an excluded driver.

What Is an Excluded Driver?

As the name implies, an excluded driver is someone that a policyholder intentionally leaves off an insurance policy. When an excluded person uses a driver’s car, either with or without permission, the insurance company will not provide coverage in the event of an accident.

Drivers typically exclude a driver to save money. For example, a teenager who racks up speeding tickets or a brother who has a DUI could lead to expensive insurance premiums. As a [...]

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What Is Foreseeability and How Does It Apply to Personal Injury Cases?

Several elements play roles in personal injury cases – legal concepts, such as duty, negligence, causation, and harm all help determine whether a plaintiff is eligible for compensation for his or her injuries, pain, and suffering. Another important aspect that applies to some personal injury cases is the concept of foreseeability. What does this concept mean, and how might it affect a personal injury claim?

What Is “Foreseeability?”

A personal injury attorney my use the concept foreseeability, a legal term, to determine a cause of an accident and hence the liability a person may carry for an act of negligence that gave rise to injury. When determining whether negligence occurred, an attorney may employ the foreseeability test, which essentially asks if a reasonable person would have foreseen the potential consequences of his or her actions.

Foreseeability can apply to any number of personal injury cases, from product liability [...]

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